Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wierd and crazy teenage life

Teenage in my point of view is the best time of our lives. It cannot be defines as the time when you are neither a   kid or an complete adult. You are attracted to all sorts of things whether it’s the break up of a popular celebrity or it may just be the latest hair style in fashion, it can also be people around u or it may   just be some famous celebrity. It may not be very rational to explain but its normal human behavior, which most adults feel very weird. Every thing we see may tempt u to just rum and grab it. I phone to PSP’s, All stars to Xboxes all may top on u r wish lists. What can we do about it, its just awesome. Along with this we are also a part of a RACE. Race to be on the first and be the best in every aspect. Fashion, style, school, trend keeping up with all these things make you cool or else u r said to be a Bloody Fool! . Personally what I feel is that at this time we don’t know what to do, we confused in a mixture of emotions. This is also the time when we have to choose between right and wrong, what we choose is what we become.
 Parents keep a regular check on you. A sudden text on your mobile and the very next question on the very next minute is that “Who was it”. The parental behavior may seem very irritating and disturbing but at times it becomes a necessity. And when you fail to keep up with these entire things u end up acting irritated and cranky .The only solution to all these problems is to keep yourself clam, anger also takes over very fast. But considering every thing like a problem may never solve it. Just think about it and try to differentiate between right and wrong and u may come to a accurate conclusion . Because of these good and bad times teenage becomes one of the best parts of our lives. It  can never be forgotten. :D

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